District 26-M2 Newsletters

Message from the District Governor Devin

Dear Lions Friends,

I know many of you are enjoying the Fall season. However, I always get a bit sad when saying goodbye to Summer and preparing to say hello to Winter. That being said, I do enjoy visiting Mizzou for some football and tailgating. Plus, I must
confess that I love it when I can start listening to Holiday music. Is it too soon to hear “chestnuts roasting on an open fire?”

There is definitely one good part about the Fall season. It seems to be the busiest time for our clubs. There are so many upcoming activities, and I love seeing a full calendar. I also love that we have started our Governor visits and have a busy slate ahead. If you haven’t scheduled your visit yet, please reach out to Lion Toni Mahoney. We want to make sure we select the best date possible for your club. Lion Toni can be reached at tkmahoney54@gmail.com or (314) 805-7391.

I hope that each one of you can take a new step for Lions this Fall. What is that one thing in the back of your mind? It keeps nagging at you. It won’t go away. You’ve been wanting to try something new or bring up an idea. Maybe it’s a service project… or a new fundraiser… or a need in your community not being met. I encourage you to take that step now. Remember, a small step is just as important as a big step. Then, as each member shares their idea and takes that step forward, I encourage each club to provide all the needed support.

In closing, I want to thank Lion Jeff Rackovan and Lion Kelly Rackovan for their years of service to the district. Most of all, I want to thank them for their friendship. You will not be forgotten and will always be welcome back here.

In service,

Lion Devin Struttmann,
District Governor




Message from 1st Vice District Governor Jeff

Greetings Lions of 26-M2!!

If you haven’t heard the news by now, I have relinquished my office as your 1st Vice District Governor.

Kelly and I are moving to the Big Sky State of Montana. Lion Kelly is departing with her mother, Lion Joan in Mid-November. I will be staying here in Missouri serving Rock Community until we close on our home in April. We are valiantly attempting
to foster a transparent transfer of RCL Duties to our club members.

Lion Kelly and I put many of hours of thought and many sleepless nights to make this decision. As much as we tried to make this work, the only way I could serve as your District Governor in 2022 – 2023 was to complete my term alone, here in Missouri as Lion Kelly would be caring for her mother in Montana.

As you all know, serving others as a Lion in the Greatest District in Missouri, is my passion. However, my Family is my heart.

As we get closer to the end of our residency, just know that we will miss each and every one of you and the services we provide to our communities, State and LCI. From some searching there is a club not far from our new home. As time allows, we will begin searching to continue to serve as Lions. We will retain our membership in M2 until that time comes.

We will be forwarding our new address as the time gets closer. We would like to extend an invitation to have you come visit us once we get settled. Montana is a Gorgeous state and has many places to visit and Beautiful sites to behold!!

As I my Moto states, as Lions we are challenged to make a difference. In order to Make that difference, we have to, as Lions, “BE THE DIFFERENCE”.

Serve well, be kind and spread HOPE. (Help Other People Everyday).

Yours in Service,

Lion Jeff Rackovan,
1st Vice District Governor




Message from 2nd Vice District Governor Paul

Fellow Lions in District 26-M2,

Wow, talk about fun at the USA/Canada Forum in Des Moines Iowa this year. This was the first time Cyndi and I ever went to USA/Canada Forum. We learned what Lions Clubs International does for service, leadership, social media, Lions University, LCIF grants, Leo-Lions, meeting the International President (Douglas
Alexander) one-on-one conversation, the list goes on… I would encourage you to plan and go to one USA/Canada Forum in your upcoming Lions years of service to experience this excitement for yourself, you do not have to be in a leadership
position to attend. It helps bring back the fire in your soul and excites your passion as to why you became a Lion in the first place. USA/Canada Forum is held in the September timeframe, the next one is Calgary, Alberta Canada Sept 15-17, 2022
following year is going to be in Reno Nevada Sept 14-16, 2023. I know our House Springs Lions club is already seeing the excitement in our club president eyes and actions from this event that we are trying to serve our community.

The Missouri Lions Mid-Winter Forum 2022 is Feb 18-19, 2022 at the Oasis hotel and convention center in Springfield, MO. This is another wonderful opportunity to get a glance at what Lions Club International and Missouri Lions do for service, leadership, social media, etc. There will be workshops, fellowship, fun hospitality, and a “Powerful General Session” workshop during this eventful weekend. You do not have to be in a leadership role to attend and I encourage you to attend for we can collaborate on “what do you want” in the next Lions years of service. If you need the flyer/registration form, contact your 26-M2 District GLT Coordinator, Lion Michelle Foster (MLFOSTER569@gmail.com) or your Zone chairperson, and you can get a discount for early bird registration!!! Sign up today and we will see you at the Missouri Lions Mid-Winter Forum 2022!

Lion Paul Carr
2nd Vice District Governor




Deadline for the next issue of The Lions That Roar is December 12th, 2021.

Now is the time to for you to get an article in spotlighting your club or a special event. Do you have a “Did You Know” article? Pictures will be used
whenever possible. Do you want to share why you became a Lion? Maybe you can inspire others.

Please send to the Editor Lion Dave Kinkade at editor@lions26m2.org.


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